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Pristine Wellness, located in Steamboat Springs CO, believes in improving the quality of life with science-based therapies including NeuroIntegration/NeuroFeedback, Polychromatic Light Therapy and lab-certified CBD products.

Sally Dyer
Sally DyerOwner

Sally’s passion for holistic health began in 2009. At the time, she was a stay at home mom with three children. As they grew, they encountered most of the common childhood ailments – colds, coughs, ear infections etc. Visits to the doctor were frequent, and most often included a round or two of antibiotics.

Eventually, one child began having trouble breathing while playing sports. He was diagnosed with asthma, and Sally was directed to a specialist for treatment options. The specialist told Sally her son would need to be on a steroid inhaler for the rest of his life. This drove Sally to question if there was a better way, and she began looking beyond the scope of ‘western’ medicine. This began her journey of working with many wonderful naturopathic doctors, healers, nutritionists and other holistic health practitioners.

Ultimately, her studies culminated with the emerging fields of Light Therapy, Neurofeedback/NeuroIntegration services, Pulsed EMF Therapies, and the use of CBD Products. Sally’s practice offers non-invasive scientific technology to help assist the body’s natural healing process.


Beginning any of our services and therapies is as simple as contacting us to talk about your challenges and goals.