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Pristine Wellness is an Authorized Representative/Reseller for BEMER devices. BEMER manufactures and distributes an industry-leading pulsed electro-magnetic device for home use. The BEMER device uses a patented signal to deliver therapy focusing on the micro-circulation of the body (blood flow in the smallest capillaries or “microvessels). In fact, BEMER has entered into a cooperation agreement with NASA to develop specialized PEMF devices using BEMER’s world-wide signal patents to support astronauts during space travel.


The BEMER is designed to support the body’s natural circulation process. Pulsed EMF sessions help to boost blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Learn more about the impact of the BEMER signal here.

BEMER International AG engineers, scientists and application experts work directly with scientific institutes and universities in Europe and North America to further the study and research the effects of PEMF and the BEMER signal on the body and areas such as microcirculation. Published research is available on Pub Med.


Beginning Pulsed EMF therapy in Steamboat Springs, or to discuss if the BEMER is right for you, is as simple as contacting us, or by visiting our partner website.